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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lining up for Communion

Keep Out 
The foolish rush in
Where angels fear to tread , in May
And cowards are never
Tainted with sacrifie, of giving

Pour me a glass full of posion
Watch me lick
My lips in knowing 

It has to be
A mountain to be climbed,
Sweat in tore, to gain its reward

Hand me my crown of torns
Allow me to push down
To adjust and  fit well

After I will assert,
In affirmation, in joy, belief
I loved once and again in this life


  1. I sense a pull here between inside and out..love inside is worth more than any cup of poison..jae

  2. Great word play here, and I love your picture!

  3. I especially love the picture, so cute - and your powerful final lines of your poem.

  4. Kodjo,
    Finding oneself and love in this life.
    Loved the cute imagery too!


  5. you write stunning poetry, keep it up.


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