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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Chains of the mind

Putting things in context, brain matter 
Contextualising the reasoning, set
Like knowing when to drop the justification given

To suit situations, mental conditioning,
And here we are again, go again, so again
In repeat sentence and tear drops

Misunderstanding of what value was realised,
In choices made, unknowing what assets held.
Burning bridges, blind to the enemy within

You see I know my beans and peas,
The difference in where each lie, in context,
Subject to preferences made, 
And all comes with prices to be paid

The perceived privilege
Said to be of the man who had it all,
He robbed from the rest of us, 
I swear sometimes, they do

But no one stopped to look
In his arms, seeing blisters,
Like tree line history, read palms 
Sweats, stained dried out on foreheads

I do not fly flags for sides
I look to understand the confusion
Just look to see, what chess game played
And life is the privilege to stress out

History is blurred, like
Chinese whispers, the story
Keeps changing, script writers editing 
Like changing weather pattens 

Religion and science
Testify to the know, only temporary
In between, opportunities knocks doors
And I am first in line, chains off the mind


  1. You had me at "Chains of the mind."

    Such a great theme for this day and age, especially since it seems that most people desire external freedom, then chain their internal selves with regiments and authorities.


  2. the stories indeed keep changing like weather patterns - love the imagery in this kodjo..

  3. dude the last stanza does it for me...great one shot

  4. I just had to go to Dickens because of the image.
    Those chains completed the image and history repeats itself ( too well I might add)


  5. Echoing the others - the last stanza takes it to the top. Well done.

  6. Agree with Brian and like the opening stanza too. Contextualizing through an image of brain matter sets a nice context for the rest of the poem.

  7. And I am first in line, chains off the mind
    Cheers to that.

  8. Great write and one shot. I love 'chains off the mind'

    Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Whhheew! Excellent writing, Kodjo...
    And I totally loved these lines:
    "History is blurred, like
    Chinese whispers, the story
    Keeps changing," -- they are the truest that truth can ever get!! Very well written indeed!! Hats off to your wondrous imagery ...

  10. "chains of the mind" I just sat with that for a bit, very nice. I liked this piece, the madness it is to sit in the periphery of the chaos. Wonderful work ~ Rose


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