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Monday, 30 May 2011

Lessons Learnt

Do not assume the blind can't see 
So they can be excused
The laws of nature are kinder than man 

And for all other senses, like switch lights on
Are filled with vigour, 
Intuition and sixth senses 
Saddled like wild stallions to ride 

Do not not assume the man with few words 
Has not much to say, 
Proverbs are used by the wise, 
Where kids are to be excused 

Not all smiles are for  jokes shared
Some are just for the thinking cup
Analysing with evasive actions 
Like a poker game played

So do not assume on face value 
These are just life lessons, to be learnt 
Safer to assume I know karate 
Hey ha! kung fu, shoalin  style :)
"Adding light humour to reality"


  1. 4th stanza is too awesome! :)
    I liked the ideas and you made me smile with the last line :)

  2. Good lesson! One really cannot make assumptions about a lot of things. I like your ending!

  3. I'm loving this one Kodjo. A great poem for early morning inspiration ...

  4. Entertaining and fun. Good work Kodjo


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