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Monday, 9 May 2011

Head Bangers

Realisation is the switch light
on light, of discovery enlightenment

The manifestation of confidence
 ignited by enlightenment

The pace of momentum 
 fuelled by confidence

Walls will never turn into doors
woodpeckers, head bangers of walls

Find door ways and step
get stepping, in light steps 


  1. man would love to hear this one spoken...has a real nice lyricism to it and how true....

  2. the pace of momentum, fuel led by confidence. I like it has strength to it.

  3. I've been back three times to read this. I'm puzzled you haven't any other comments listed.I thought this was absolutely brilliant. I like the way you weave the word "light" throughout the poem letting its meanings inform the movement of the poem. There are subtle consonances throughout as well with walls will wood and ways for instance. Lovely piece here and thank you so much for sharing and linking! Gay

  4. Momentum applied to doorways is neat and all, however, how are new doorways built? Excellent poem! :D

  5. How do help someone get past the wall they keep banging their head against, you show them the door, but the wall is in the way.
    Awesome write here.


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