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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Readers Digest

Readers digest, what's new, what's news..
And am surfing through words on papers..
News rounds, flipped to make sense of the world..
Around me, and is all crazy "sleepy" worlds ..

Not sure how ...
Sense is made out of this madness...
Retracted, blacked out sentences...
Nah, what the hell, let it all out...

And out with, be done with, 
What you doing with the first stone
Stone throw, bleeder, on planks to oceans below 
The fishes would have a feast today 

And its confessions on Sundays
And peace is corrupted, how did  it all start, on amnesia 
Crime and punishment, to switch hands, switch sides 
With judges of  the barrels, gun powder 

From the offended to the offender, flip sides 
And it rains shower, torrential pour
Feels like every one is touched 
And we are all incriminated in the process 

And to know it all, in awakening, 
Wakening up, in a room full, 
Moon full of the transformation
Like walking with Mike in the thriller video

Institutional mandate to cover up
Dirty tricks, dirty harry, spin doctors
Clean slate, no alternative versions
For we are the ones to pay the price 

Non of this madness accomplish 
Its just all madness, ludacris, the papers say otherwise  
Sides taken, flipped in circles, going no where fast
Switching sides, like yo-yo, in denial 

To find ourselves all living on the codes 
Of the forty thieves, ruled by Alibaba 
And as its said, in codes of honour
There is no honour among thieves

Standing in robes of the priest and politician
Respect not me, but the uniform, 
The paper, written on, spent with, the bill

We are all just pretenders, 
In role play, like kids games
I wonder who to be labelled 
Honestly,  Mr nice guy 

To walk in daylight, and be known 
Or be cloaked in illusion, imaginary friends 
Squeaky clean, who is to take the moral high ground
And rejoice not, not even at the death of an enemy 

He walks on planks, to the fishes feast 
Is this why the artist is more valued, on paper, with paper 
After death, tainted, scandals frozen 
For by then, he has no sin to enact hands tied, in rose gardens 

And I just made it past 
The first paragraph of the reader's digest
What's new, what's news  
Black out sentences 
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  1. This is a poem to read many times over. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Intriguing piece, thought provoking.

  3. Kodjo,
    A very powerful social observation on the world as it is today.
    A sadness contained within the words, and a feeling of helplessness. Trust gone......

    An excellent thought provoking piece of writing Kodjo.

  4. beautiful.

    happy Rally.

  5. I love the way you described this piece. It is very alluring and captivating. Well done!

  6. This begs to be read several times. You've set out quit a feast for the mind.

  7. A definite word adventure. This takes my mind soaring. Thanks.

  8. A wonderful narrative on the modern woes of our time. All of it needing to shed away now. Very well written piece ~ Rose

  9. So well written.
    So thought-provoking.
    So well done.


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