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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

In The Dugout

#"What if god was one of us 
#Just a slob like one of us 
#Just a stranger on the bus 
#Trying to make his way home" (Joan Osbourne) 

And for the journey, wake up 
This is not, a game, the game  
You play and be shocked  
In essence of disappointments son

We call missing link 
Contingencies planned for 
In risk management 
Oh you just f**ked up now son 

Planning for the glory, humour me
The wise will always prepare 
For the stumbles in life, on emotion 
Not taking chances 

Even the comedian, 
Would have to have a punch line 
Strategizing, the crowd have to love me
The audience have to applaud 

Do you fall on stumble 
Or quicken pace, flapping hands
To gain balance on elevation 
Just enough so not to fall 

Now there I am 
Sounding like a sales man
With a sales pitch, cold calling
Knocking on your door

Walking on strings 
Safety straps on for a reason, 
That would not be for the show off 
Jesters on parade 

Were you not told the rules 
Of engagement before green lights
Do not be caught wanting 
Eleventh hour rush 

Reading the manual 
Under fire fight at the front line 
The enemy at your door, knock knock 
It is the Ginger bread man

Is like competing in ice hockey 
Before one learns to walk on ice
Brace yourself for impact 
Too late, gravity is taking over 

Tooth fairies line up to collect trophies
Don't smile at the kids after
Nightmares of trauma that would bring  
Shrinks and therapist on overtime charging by the hour 

This is the fair game of unfairness 
Just calling it life stories 
It is the everyday air we breathe 
Absent to sight  choking on invisible particles 

Options of by passing 
Is negative in this realm 
Unless you have a silver spoon 
Dangling of a tree 

Well then you don't belong 
My privileged friend 
See that you get a refund by the exit 
Around here we do "The Haka" dance for warm up 
#What if god was one of us
#Just a slob like on of us
#Just a stranger on the bus
#Trying to make his way home
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  1. I like your poem, the way you covered so many aspects.

  2. I agree with Mary. Lots of depth in this poem!

  3. nice...love the way you wrapped around that song...and the imagery at times was humorous...the tooth fairy...nice...but in amongst the wisdom as well...

  4. Hi Kodjo

    I enjoyed the subtle frustration that this verse relates to within the confines of rules and games...
    your lines ...
    'This is the fair game of unfairness
    Just calling it life stories,
    It is the everyday air we breathe'
    hit me...
    thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  5. Lots of food for thought here, Kodjo... Sometimes, the ways of the world we live in actually makes me wonder if God is indeed one among us....
    And if so, I almost "feel for him"... (sigh)

  6. The "fair game of unfairness" -- you blended all these contradictions. Well done.


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