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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Great Escape

Dare devils are always on bikes
Stunting staging the great escape
To think vertigo is absent up on sky scrappers

The mind left will puzzles, admirers conundrums
In trying to understand, with reason juggling away 
Why craziness is the singularity in all heroes admired 

Two legged wheels, on assault course, wiggling on bends
With the winds behind ears, blowing lullaby melodies 
Escape into the fringes of realism edge, where madness resides

Just wear a helmet, "health and safety and all"
To slow, observers heart beat, cowards are no where near to be seen
Escape into adrenaline parkways, like a drug to be had on rainbow 

After all tomorrow is just another day to be had
Until death becomes of us all eventually like clock work 
And heroes die as legends with a stupid smile on their face 


  1. Hmm. . . I don't connect escapes with helmets for some reason.

  2. "With the wind behind, blowing melodies
    Escape into realism edges, where madness resides"

    these two lines took my breath away, each seperately. stunning!

    great use of the prompts.

  3. always remember...........we only die once so make it a good one..........
    hence we have heroes......... those that choose to do what we are afraid to do for fear of dying........


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