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Monday, 23 May 2011

Constant Nothing

Drink, dine, and make merry 
Be surrounded by music 
Be dressed in Victorian attire 

And yearn for nostalgia, but know this 
Only mediocre bares the illusion of safety,
And it is only the fool that buys into constant 

Strive says no condition is permanent 
And the laws of nature stands 
To be changed or to change present conditions 

Not so conducive, as the trigger point "to push"
The choice is made, by the first to make a move, time is clocks. 
And change becomes of  consequence, tic toc in sequence 

Even a mountain sheds skins like the snake 
Erosion and winds, situations bares the catalyst 
To constant shift in shapes; thinking, acting 

Hold not your thoughts, captive for long without acts
Seduced by procrastination, the fool on "time out" call
The laws of nature, is not known for its patience 

And change is a constant process 
Already in play, time as perpetual fuel, on locomotion 
In scenes of before and after.  Are you still stagnant? 


  1. Kodjo, a well crafted poem; the last stanza is especially strong!

  2. Even a mountain sheds skins like the snake,
    Erosion and winds, situations bares the catalyst
    To constant shift in shapes, thinking, acting

    This is my favorite stanza.

    Nice work!

  3. Good lead-up, love the last stanza.

  4. Striking! A passionate read.

  5. I wondered why they all look so glum but your clever poem tells all! If I was having a banquet in that house I would be worried too!

  6. I was ready to declare the second stanza my favorite ... until I read the others!!!!

  7. A clever and thoughtful take on the Magpie. Bravo!

  8. Some great mindwork and imagery in this one, Kodjo...
    And I like the message you've conveyed here... ACTION is indeed a thought well translated! Else the thought is a big waste indeed! The things we have to do to keep up with change... sigh!!
    Well writ, my friend..


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