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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Becoming gods

Oh! hill! Atlantis,
Manifestation of man's will
And we shall reach the heavens

Apollo shines his eyes
Through built windows of  our majesty
We are to be made gods

Modern day skyscrapers 
Colosseum and castles our land marks, 
Between land and sea we conquered 

And while Apollo looks down 
With his light for our worship,
In summer's  day we do show gratitude 

It is to be known 
That one day we will be made gods, 
Sat in the heavens, with gods greed

Between Mars or the Moon
Or in distance light years 
On goldilucks planets 

Hopping before Atlantis fall
And Apollo gets too close 
To earth, before burnout

One day we shall be  made gods, 
Conquering the heavens 
With gods greed 


  1. we shall probably try to take it by force as we have all other things...atlantis of course sunk and perhaps that is our fate as well...

  2. hope I get to be god one day have a feeling I'm going to the other place without greed ...great poem thank you

  3. i like the reference to atlantis and that you threw some greek mythology in with apollo

  4. "Between Mars or the Moon
    Or in distance light years
    On goldilucks planets"

    Love how the reference of Mars fits as both planet and god of war. Great response.

  5. Love this ! But shall we fall like those who thoght of themselves as Gods !!
    ENJOY !

  6. I love the repetition of "we will be made gods..."
    Considering the awful fate of many of the ancient gods, we probably have it coming!

  7. I'm in Chicago for the weekend -- and looking up at all these god-like monuments in downtown, "Conquering the heavens / with gods greed." Good poem.

  8. Oh, how strange that the image for both of us has inspired a poem about the vanity of power

  9. It's difficult for me to comment on anything connected to this image, as the image itself has me hiss with distaste. Nothing but the sun in it beckons to me and the lack of nature has me wanting to gag. I wanted you to know that I did take the time to read, even with my revulsion at the image prompt.

    I like the last part, to me it strikes of not seeing our own error in trying to be the very thing humans vilify.

  10. a dark view laced with truth


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