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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Life's Adventure

Ahoy, adventures and pirates; couples and lovers all on board..
We will travel through the night this day, through life this day..
So owls are asked to shine their eyes wide, bright
And lead the way, like the stars in the heavens, lead the way
No room for parrots
They talk too much 
Always giving away our hide out spots

The tide will go down after a while
The adventure, will slow down in it steps 
Poppy flowers, will be plucked surrender (ed)
To honour the dead in passing
And we will have many a story or two to tell
While sitting on old derelict boats or two 
Strolling hand in hand, looking out to sea 
And cherishing t' good old days we had together


  1. Ha! Creative use of each prompt, woven together well, and even provides a bit of humor. Given the the gentleman's photo, he could easily mistake the bird in flight for a parrot; and since the guy in the last photo has his back turned to us, there's no reason he cannot be the same man as in the first pic. Way to go, Kodjo!

  2. ha...great way to work in all the pictures...no doubt you may be the only to do so...and trust this, when the adventure gets slow it is sure to pick up again soon...

  3. Oh very nice!! What a wonderful surprise away from my viewing box, thank you.

  4. May I come along? Sounds like a blast!

  5. how cool...you took all of them and made it a whole story...very nice kodjo

  6. This poem brings tears to my eyes. I just love the way you said this, I stepped right on board on the first stanza and I'm at the beach still with my love by my side, looking back at all the wonder. Just beautiful!

  7. Lovely how you took it all and made it into one!

  8. Excellent! You wove all pictures in seamlessly into what is, when we set aside the creativity of what you've managed here, a very good story poem with authentic statements. Enjoyed this one!

  9. what a great adventure you weaved. love your use of all the photos

  10. Kodjo
    you shine
    I was tempted to write a poem about each I love Fee's photography so much
    and voila you did each justice
    Happy Sunday

  11. Clever use of the photos to weave a story

  12. Beautiful linking of all the pic prompts... a stroll through special moments.

  13. Fantastic story Kodjo, I loved how you incorporated all the images. Much enjoyed! ~Rose

  14. Oh how fun! You've brought smiles to my face. I've so enjoyed reading this. I saw a downtrodden, pained old war vet and you see a pirate. Aaaarrrhh... Good eye matey, creative hand!

  15. wonderful! to link the photographs together with such a seamless tale is amazing. i love it! really brilliant use of the photographs.

  16. With the pictures as the warp, and the words as the weft, you have created a perfect 'tapestry'.


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