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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chasing Dreams

Chasing dreams on sixth sense  
An awakening of the mind 
It rings bells, of realisation  

Eventually there comes a time 
When one has to step out, get your feet dirty 
And walk in the fields of dreams had 

Many have pictured notions of change 
To impact and leave a legacy in this world, behind 
Then they go back into the safety of preoccupation 

Procrastination sleeping away on day light 
With excuses of why not now 
And each day, the cock crows 

Rings bells of thoughts of awaking 
Frustration of the present development 
But fearful of taking the plunge 

The surroundings are quick to discourage 
Fall in line, every one else is, why you with difference 
Numb down the excitement of change, fall in line 

Before long, opportunity passes by 
While the stories become only of relevance to
What could have been done  

Eventually there comes a time of fulfillment  
And triers luck may shine bright 
On the one who took a step to stand alone 

But no such eventuality 
For the man who feared the rain 
And went back in, at the sound of thunder 

If I don't make it past the first post 
I gained value from having the experience 
In chasing dreams, tomorrow will tell

Picture ref:pxleyes.com 
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  1. deep, lovely dream related piece.

    Happy Rally.

  2. I loved this. Especially....

    Before long, opportunity passes by
    While the stories become of
    What could have been done

    How many out there have had this happen to them? They don't take a chance and then think about what could've, might have happened.

    Well said and surreaslistically written.

  3. Yes, if we never take those chances when they come we never know what might have been.
    Lovely read, thank you.


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