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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lost In Translation

Maybe it is the weather, with the summer gone
Maybe it is the season, turning new chapters
Maybe it is just how, the green in leaves 

Has all fallen and weathered

Maybe it is the rain, its wetness
The clouds that blocks the sun
Maybe it is the darkness in the morning
When once the sun would have been out
To shine, on the clock

Maybe it is the change of the clocks
The silence of the birds
The absent squirrel that runs on the wall
Between my neighbour and I
I haven't seen in a while

Maybe it is the seemingly endless
Pronouncement of the hour, it drags on
Maybe it is the long wait for Christmas
Or the beginning of a new year, so close

No winds blow, 
yet candles steadily lose their spark
Lost in translation between transition
Awaiting something new

Who knows
Maybe I am just over analysing
In the pursuit of happiness, 

Lost in translation 

Maybe it is just me
Maybe, maybe, maybe
Maybe it is just a phase
Of being lost in translation

Snap out... ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa
Snap out already
Jerry Springer is excused
Don't you know, haven't you heard
Ha, lost in translation I see

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  1. Clever, lost in translation is a perfect way to describe this transition~ Well Done!

  2. I like this a lot. Maybe... If you figure it out, let me know. I'm feeling kind of lost in translation myself.

  3. Definitely very original, love watching Springer when I can

  4. when we are confused, when we don't know the answers, we are lost


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