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Friday, 4 November 2011

My Right To, My Prerogative

What I would give for common grounds   
Chaos of a debate, lingering on platforms  
A thousand men demand to be heard, boiling kettle

Individual thoughts on compromise, unreachable 
Opposite ends of a spectrum 
Distance of notions expressed, banquet for tea set up

Avoidance of a resemblance, tea party gather
Fear of his intention, alien of his life 
Reeks of toxic propaganda, allergy to his breath   

"Do not come close" Manifesto set
Far is near enough of want 
Buffer zone, requested, demanded   

Strangers intentions, unclear to observers
Worried with paranormal thoughts 
From outcome of encounters, drink up notions  

No progress or developments, buying into the production  
No innovation through links and compliance 
No effect on cause of sharing, knowing, understanding 

Fear mongering on old folk tales, passed on, them against us
"There is something in the woods" it worries 
Factions of individuals, groups, "puppet masters" 

A vote in voices heard , hostage of a party held   
A thousand men demand a stage 
A thousand more queue in line 

No compromise, gathering solid ground 
" someone always looses out on that
and it want be me " 

I demand to be heard 
It is with my self interest that I speak 
I demand to be heard, observers worry

My right to, I vote to, kidnap of an old machinery
My prerogative  
My tea, just went cold, on my crumpets

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