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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Difference Of An Opinion

Difference of opinion, I opinion-ate 
Like minded sat in a room full of the same  
So no one pronounces, what is the use   
We all know already, a trick card  

No argument there then  
What is the use, we all agree to a T  
Turn tables, no debate to challenge perception  

Stimulate a school of thought  
No one questions motives  
What is the use, we are like minded   

So before you think I know  
And an agreement is reached with no debate 
What is t' use, our thoughts are on t' same wave length 

Individualism is a foreign connotation, unheard of 
Automated concepts with synchronised perceptions 
Laser wired with chips in the head

Factory stamped, a batch of a kind 
What is the use, for difference of opinions 
Programmed all t' same, social communism all in harmony 

Watch me going crazy, out of boredom 
And so is he, and he, and he and he 
Stack in a cartoonish wheel pool 

Bizarre worlds, of all the same 
Same, same, same,same, saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame
Ha, aaaaaaaah, a synchronised yell, all feel the same 

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  1. I liked the repetition of "What is the use" in this piece; it seems to mimic the lack of individualism that the poem is emphasizing. Thanks for sharing this one for the rally.


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