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Friday, 25 November 2011

Taking A Swipe

Taking a swipe  
At society  
At religion 
At politics 
At the establishment  

You see, it's not like, 
I am trying to take a swipe 
Just taking a swipe  
And it follows to digest  

I read the history of grounds that stand 
With the black rock to hold 
I read the history, of how religion was born 
That paganism is the oldest of them all 

To have Christianity and Islam  
Hold to gratitude  less of what is needed  
T' figureheads  back-bones "women" of strong men  
The very pillars of genesis in faith 

I read the history of ground zero 
And the symbol of the "stone "
I read the set-up of beginning, start up
And who it represented  in mixed fellowships  

I read about the philosophy  
They hold or once did 
To open up to the world around them 
The peace in messages, harmony they preach  

Not like I am trying to 
Take a swipe
Just taking a swipe 

Not today, with fortresses built 
From Rome to Mecca, to Jerusalem and beyond 
Where those without common share, in beliefs 
Of faith are blocked from entry's access  

Not like I am trying to take a swipe 
Just taking a swipe,
In doing so, in doing so

Are we not to love thy neighbour 
Why close doors and lock with hatred 
In keeping thy neighbour out 

Left cold at the mercy of wickedness 
In "I don't want to know", as a philosophy 
I am really now just taking a swipe, swipe, swipe  

Taking a swipe 

At the establishment
At society, 
At religion
At politics 
And all above 
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  1. I love the rhythm of your poem. Strong messages you got in this poem. Enjoyed reading it.


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