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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Naming Names

Interesting names, I am named 
With not just the one 
But a dozen or so more  

More in names to respond to  
To be known by a word 
A name of representation  

And in pronunciation it changes too 
From what accent one is to hold 
I am named with not just the one  

Many a name I am to be known by 
Some for groups, in forms I belong to  
A' playground names oh a few more to mention 

Or characters known by 
Some for praises and so welcomed  
Some for curse, I pretend not to hear  

I am named, 
In my life time, many more in names 
I would be known by  

Some just in groups I belong to  
Some just in the way, I  am seen as 
I am known by, all in names 

I am named 
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  1. There is so much within a name isn't there, very interesting.

    Old Raven


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