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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dancing Chair

I am a good man, so I put my cards on the table 
Pick one and name as yours, label 
Lovely, dressed with finesse make it an A, A’s 

Because is with (A) as thus I see you 
You already with Queens from genesis  
The way you were born, made to be, the way you are 

I  will surround you with chairs, in dancing chairs 
And less of the competition, when the music stops 
Pick one, feel free with patience and take a sit 

The fog clears, when one nears you 
In the eye of the storm 
You are centred with piece, lovely 

So pick a music, dance with its rhythm 
Enjoy the patience of the sounds it offers 
The sanctity of the ocean breeze 

The music would not stop until you do, I promise 
The chairs will not be occupied until you do  
And the fog will always make way in your presence  

I will put my cards on the table, pick one 
I promise I would not look
But make it A(s), Lovely 

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  1. This is a beautiful expression of love and selflessness! Devotion is perfectly written in this poem.


  2. nice you bring out a bit of magic...the dancing, the ocean breeze those certainly bring out the peace...

  3. Nicely done, so full of love and devotion.


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