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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Heavy D

I have got nuttin but love for you
Heavy D, stepped it up
Phat with the moves

te -don te -don ti -den
And if that ain't cool 

Black coffee, no sugar, no cream 
That's the kind of girl 
I need down with my team

Constant weight gainer
And since I choose the weight
Not to loose the wieght, over wieght huggable  

Back in the days, way back
My 80's, 90s rang with sounds of the jam
Now that we've found love, loving it

Dance a lot, dance a little, in-between
On the, get your own thang
What can we do, what we are gonna do 

Heavy D in the house, my love remix candy rain 
Who is, who's that? Heavy D and Soul for Real 
Heavy D and who? Soul for real

Big Daddy, I have got a funny feeling that you feeling me
Looking at the cutey swinging in the party 
So she can look good for Heavy D

She walk like, talk like, sexy
Got me waiting
Who's that, Heavy D

Nuff respect,
Rest in Peace Old Fam that's right
Nothing but love for you

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  1. Thanks for adding some music to the mix at I Saw Sunday Kodjo. :-)

    (R.I.P. Heavy D)

  2. How come all the girls are anything BUT heavy? lol

  3. he was a great musician for sure. nice guy!


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