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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Gaming Rules

Rock of all ages, curved in stone

Sculpture like that of the Mayan
The rulers of an empire in Mount Rushmore
Stands as old gods –as old kings

Sat on chess games
Add ons are not needed
No missing cubes

It is how you play 
Like the set-up of the periodic table
To give you strength or weakness

One less in two lines vacant
Gives room for breath

Know this,
The cup can never really be full to the brim
What is the use, if only to spill

So call it buffer zones,
Room for improvement
And to manoeuvre

First move on chess games
To get your king, I know to lose
A few foot soldiers

Who does battle in a white shirt?
Expecting no stain on uniform
Those shirts are only to be worn
For ceremonial processions

One less foot soldier on chess games
A step close to your king
If I play this right
"Chess mate will be in order"

So life is in pictures spread out
On game boards
I got one of your foot soldier
Just made it two, I am on a roll

I will have this as butter trade
Good of me, like monopoly

What is your next move?
Allow me to anticipate
Following patterns, from experience

I will know not to burn out
Sacrifice for sacrifice sake
Like a foolish ritual
A quick way to lose grounds

Changing the periodic table
My foot soldiers are still with value
There has to be a reward, for hard work
To lose one plus a few more

He is good, of course he is
Life is meant to be
This hard to play against
Before rewards

All men in a kingdom
Cannot be made kings
One has to proof his worth
That is why the gates have guards

So tactility is asked for
Concentration and focus are key
Endurance is as required
And some, for the unexpected

I see past your bishop
Your queen to king
Chess mate
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