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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What Is Next

Where are you, I ask 
With strings attached, string-fellow   
Wearing  down my existence  

What is next, I ask, what is next  
We placed our trust in the system  
We paid our tax to the system 

We signed to the school of thought you peddled
We followed with faith what you  preached 
We aspired to reach the pinnacle set 

We acquired what success ascribed to be 
What dreams, we were asked to dream 
We connected and invested into the system 

We mortgaged our freedom to the system 
We tied a knot to the system, confetti  
We were briefed on who, held t' moral high ground 

We then  watched the system fail to deliver 
We got to know what was fact from illusion 
We lost our jobs because of the system 

We felt the pain in our pockets 
We felt the hunger in our stomach    
We had no security for our children, lost our houses 

We woke to realise the fallacy fed to us  
Where halo the funds and joy was 
What we had, what we were sold

And we went to occupy wall street 
Some of the people some of the time  
We demand answers to the question 

Who was it that benefited 
If we are said to be, a part of the system 
Yet we suffer most from the system 
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  1. great piece.. true words.. the people ain't a part of any system... we just get the dirt

  2. striking social commentary man...the system rules the people. or rolls on their backs until we rise up...

  3. This marches along with force and excellent flow. Couldn't agree with you more, either. Playing by the rules gets you screwed, and all the cheaters win, no consequences. The repetition of "we" here is extremely effective.

  4. Yeah the system screws us all in the end it seems, unless you get to rule the thing, great verse.

  5. Yeah, what is next? You left no stone unturned here.

  6. Great comment on the modern plagues of the society...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  7. I agree too. Yet, with peace and within the outlines of the process, again we, the people seek change and while all change comes slow in a democracy, the people can force it. This is quite an anthem and anthems rally support. If the servants of the people do not serve, throw the rotters out and seek for a representative who will. It is in the common good. From Thomas Jefferson to Martin Luther King we have changed things by peaceful revolt and by compromise.

  8. We signed to the school of thought you peddled
    We followed with faith what you preached
    We aspired to reach the pinnacle set .....
    some great lines here, very nice!

  9. Sadly if we cut the strings we'll be lost. Great piece.


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