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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Murder in the village

Agatha Christie  
Wrote a letter to Poirot 
There has been a murder, in the village 

Serve your request to investigate 
Find out who done it, Sir, who done it 
And bring the fellow to justice, Sir 

Agatha Christie 
Opened a page of possible suspect, who done it 
Motives plastered on all at present  

Even the village priest 
Has to answer, missing an alibi    
Where were you last night, I say who done it 

Where were you between 
The hours of 10pm and dawn 
God can not be used, as an alibi, who done it 

He just announced 
He was in the presences of God 
When the murder took place, who done it 

Agatha christie 
Wrote a letter to Poirot
To have him find out, who done it 

Was it the husband, the wife, who done it 
The son or t' daughter, t' shopkeeper or the priest  
Who had more to gain from this murder 

Poirot  to investigate, who done it 
Agatha Christie wrote a letter to Poirot  
Justice justice be served, leave no stone unturned  

Except for mine 
There are somethings that should be left alone 
You can not go questioning the author, who done it  

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