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Friday, 11 November 2011

To Love a' To Hold

An over whelming embrace I feel, drawing emotions  
Like that of a beautiful film coming to an end 
Opening tear drops, from the eye lid 

As rain wash pure, it draws out feelings 
So emotional,  that I can not hold back 
But to express, like possession 

Like the joy of seeing love, loving you 
Of lovers missed, to have been reunited again 
With surprise; walking through doors unexpected 

Emotionally driven, from the very depths of the soul 
A jump of joy, the tightest of hug, to love and to hold 
A child's grip of an adult's hand, this for assurance of safety 

So good to see you again my dear 
Old friends, old love, oh life, old joy 
So good to see you again  

And this is essence, instinct of being 
Shaw-shank redemption, like Lean on me 
A yearn for repeat play, ecstasy to relive in t' moment again 

Sometimes the answers sought for are so simple 
Yet so complicated, that no words can make sense of 
The intense pull, sensation of the heart, in defining life 

And I felt the blood rush into my head, to wake 
I cried out solemnly with joy, to define my essence 
I loved to share the strength within me 

I opened up to allow my humanity's relief 
To worship it's feed from divine 
I know life,  I know joy, I know love 

Emotions drawn 
So lean on me I have got soul 
And feed of my essence 
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