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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Over Crowded Cakes

Fact is I was laid, an egg today, some time past   
That came before the chicken and egg race
Parables solved, I am that good, with parables  

Don't worry for reasons,  that is another story  
To tell, another time, on once upon a time  
Today I am blowing candles 

Laid or was it hatched, as an egg today 
I did be fast, trust me, furiously fast 
To have made it to the egg to fertilize

So I guess there was the "birds and bees"
The run before the egg, or was it the swim
Going into a shock release; seriously confusing this is

Any ways as I was saying 
So win win, winner takes all 
No splits into twins or a kind, of a kind 

I sat in nest as the king of water's world 
For the nine turns in calender 
Before making an entry, with screams 

Oh hail the one, yes for I am the one 
On this day born, with this life to live 
And life stories to add; of course with drama

Lets not go into details 
Throw proverbs in for the measure
To hold eye lashes from blushing 

So anyway cakes and candles  
I will blow just the one, if you don't mind
For is with one life I live 

Don't go overcrowding my cake 
Asking me of age count "silly you"
I am  analog, retro, this is before digital
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  1. Happy birthday! And that cupcake looks delicious! One candle for one life..I like that!

  2. Oh hail the one, yes for I am the one -> so does that mean you are alone singing to yourself?

  3. Congratulation Kodjo!

    Thanks for linking to I Saw Sunday. :-)

  4. What a wonderful poem! I love this analogy!

  5. "I guess there was / the run before the egg / seriously confusing this is" - I'm not sure what it is about this stanza, but I really love these phrases together! Thank you for sharing - and happy belated birthday!

  6. one of the beautiful :

  7. The way you twist words is lovely.


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