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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Holding a candlelight vigil

Should I hold a candlelight on vigil  
Mark on calenders on count down  
Push the sun with my bare hands  

From the east to the west  
So the sun will rise  
And set in a hurry, in a hurry 

Build green houses, then feed seeds, relentless 
Fertilizers, irrigation, like a junky with needles
So they germinate and blossom in a hist  

I would double my steps fast, quick enough  
For the cheater to be left chasing  
My shadows in savannah's plains  

Should I hold a candlelight on vigil  
Seek audience of the King 
To announce with intent  

Dare my naked neck on the butcher's table  
As far as I would go on will, standing my ground   
To be of honour, by my words of announce  

Would I be true in words authored  
Would my announce be made prophecy of  
And on this subject, be myself an oracle 

Should I hold a candlelight on vigil 
Hold my need, when nature calls 
As thus not to miss the first glance of glimpse 

And starve sleep in night corridors 
With patience lost of anxiety wait 
Like a sneeze with force, none can hold back 

And windows too, feel pressured 
As I invade their personal space 
One too many a time on lookout 

Should I hold candlelight on vigil  
 A thousand outcomes 
Could be made of this venture 

What would your last words authored be  
To have you stand on ownership 
To my treasured candle vigil  

Should I hold a candle on vigil   

What would prosperity, romance, success, aspirations, job, protest 
What would birth, death, joy, happiness, expectation, celebration  
What would voyage, heartbreak, arrivals, departure, results  

What would, what would, what would stand 

A thousand outcomes, could become of thus 
Should I hold a candle on vigil ....................
Fill in the gaps to claim ownership, of this vigil 

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  1. beautiful.

    we do need to do it.

  2. Nice writing Kodjo, some really excellent lines in there.

    Thanks for linking to I Saw Sunday.

  3. A strong write! Thanks for linking to Poetry Pantry.

  4. Always nice to see you in the pantry, Kodjo! This is such a philosophical piece - so well done! Yes! I am all for vigils!

  5. Such frustration in this one, Kodjo. You created vivid scenes and a honed focus.


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