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Monday, 7 November 2011

Where I want to be

How I want to start the day, on focus, own to day  
Go about, leaving my mark on the day  
Like the cat, I am to mark territories to day  

This is my zone, what I want to do today 
Work today, achieve today, determined a tad bit more today 
Like a man, stood on graduating post, today 

Who I want to be today  
Be known today,  be shown as today 
Like the heroes I look up to today  

To be looked up to, as inspiration today 
By the followers that come after me, today 
Like I do to the one's before me, today 

Where I want to be today, be stood today  
From dreams had, aims to have achieved today 
Like from the prayers I prayed, to have come true, today 

That is where I aim to be, today 
When the sun goes down on the day, today  
Just so I will have owned the day, today

Today , 
Oh, yes today, it must be today 

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  1. "That is what I aim to be today,"
    wow, very captivating. Thank you for sharing.

    Erick Flores

  2. So many days...
    So many possibilities...

  3. it's great to be 'in the zone'!


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