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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Pledge

Reflecting mirrors of the sun 
Sends rays, into the darkest corners
And nothing is certain of outcome that lay 

I am not of an opinion to be labelled  
To a side in pigeon holes, myself   
I observe and react to situations at hand  

Afforded not the luxury of the bubble 
That defines and protect one's perception 
Of the debacle that is before thee  

No "get out" clause, stipulated in conditions 
No contracts, that holds ground 
To garuntee safety nets of proceedings

I am not of an opinion to reflect on the end  
Setting out, sending out, celebratory props 
Before crossing the finishing line as preordain 

Seen too many eleventh hour enacted encounters 
That makes the steepest mountain peak climbed 
Seem like a walk in the park after game change 

All the same, I am grounded, silence with ambition
Set in notions that charity begins at home 
And mine got drawn into my DNA, before birth 

It is an identity older than what I was to be named
A yin yang, like two edged sword running in my vine
It cuts to free, I bleed deep at the same time 

So watch closely, not from a distance 
I pledge you, to define me, to know 
For  an understanding of an enigma 

I pledge to you

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1 comment:

  1. Nice layered writ. Love this part:
    I am not of an opinion to be labelled
    To a side in pigeon holes, myself
    I observe and react to the situations at hand


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