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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Concept for display only

Admire t' suit, a' be enchanted, I beg of you admire f' a distance 
Don't come close, to witness price tag attached 
This is for display purposes only, next day return 

I often wondered, why so many 
Bright, intelligent and passionate people  
Walk this earth, yet so little is achieved  

Half the time, logic puts it down 
To common sense, on what is to be done 
So plain for all to see, "for display purposes only

Yet in the middle mingle of  entangled self interest 
Nothing seems to change, "this here, for shop display
With all good intentions, that holds grounds, lost

And politicians are the worse, with fine suits 
With weak stands, to feed on the voters right 
And only answer to pressure groups and self interest 

Suddenly good men lose their ideas " the concept of shop display"
Ideology of change, of what is to be done, in the best interest 
Suddenly good men, know only to play politics 

And opposition is the only group with righteousness
Even still, feeding of the heat of pressure groups 
While society loses its sanity in protest 

And wise-men tow the line of the strings of special interest  
To have self interest stand as the object of being 
The rest is for "shop display  purposes only", price tag still attached 

Someone should have announced from the beginning  
That this was all just a concept of democracy on exhibition 
Just for the "shop display", by men with intelligence 

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  1. Politicians all start off with good intentions and somewhere between the power and the money they become corrupted by one or both. Nice piece on the world we live in these days.

  2. nice social commentary man...and true that...there is a lot of talent in this world but if it is not used for the good of all but to only get ones self ahead, it means little...


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