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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Don't Bottle It

Don't bottle it or if you do
If you have, if you have to, then know this 
As a school of thought to share 

Rooted, sometimes knees down we dig so deep 
Into the earth of muddy fields, miners 
We forget we are made to walk with legs 

I saw a picture of one such so constant 
Only to realize, it is inconsistent with time 
Yet maintained constant in its identity 

Remember legs are made to be walked with 
And what is one to be defined by, by act and words 
So strong, so brave, to influence decisions made 

Surely the concept of perceived notion  
Half the time is wasted on second guessing 
The mind plays mind games, brilliant at doing so 

So what is the shape of the bottle, I ask  
To define the worth of its content 
Don't bottle it, in knowing where value lies 

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