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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Walk on water

Don't let the truth, get in the way of a great story 
I heard a man say with resolve on impetus, impulse  
Do not ask, how he managed to walk on water "he did"

He did, that is all that matters, leave me with solace 
The myth busters, went out to work, on mines 
On proving one so wrong, "digging the dirt" 

In the end I found, I was made so blue 
For knowing the truth, big fuss 
He walked on water, great story, "end of"

It is not what tales you tell for vindication 
It is the consistence of your lines
To tinkle believers ears with delight "wonders shall"

The ability to engage, indulge 
To hold strong, entertain, escape, play 
Tell me a story, read me a poem in literature "fiction"

Science and religion lives on such principles too  
"You know", life it self, does too, "you know" 
Nature does too, like the blueness of the sky, "you know" 

Don't let the truth get in the way, capture my imagination  
I am engage to indulge, rainbows hold pots of gold  
I am sat on a unicorn, climbing a golden mountain "a knight"

Walking on water, end of, end of, do not read past 
End of...that is it.. 

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  1. You have tackled those tough words with seeming ease.

  2. yes I prefer to dream too don't trample on my imagination

  3. I agree. We each need to believe in our own minds what we wish is true and not believe it because we are taught it.
    Nicely said.


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