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Friday, 18 November 2011

Sown Alive

Sown alive in a window  
Behind plants that gather form  
They climb to surround, they engulfed her soul    

She sat there naked in cradle 
Her eyes engaged, glowing psychedelic 
Embrace to enchant, deep contemplation  

Her thoughts capture distance, of escape 
Clouds, shape formers signals a paradigm change 
They conjure rainbow twinkle, then contradicts  

Beauty that calls out, the allure of seduction 
Sent men and women on their knees with delight 
To worship her voice of Venus 

Like the green leaves that surrounds
She held life full, radiant, gifted 
Artistic loving, enigma of a kind, kindly 

But she was sown alive 
Still with life, so much left in her 
She was sown alive 

Sometimes the winds carry her singing voice 
Thoughts of her comes to mind with twinkles of melody 
And in that instant she takes life's form again 

Long enough until the music stops 
Long enough to delight to celebrate her life
Long enough in 3 minutes while her songs play 
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  1. this is so seductive and beautiful. nice read! vivid! :)

  2. My man keep doingvthe sexy work.@Stone


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