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Sunday, 13 November 2011

On Road Maps

I travelled a thousand miles to distant lands 
I heard it held treasures  
To fill the bankers vault 

That lure of the Wild West, the good life  
Daring, romantic and tragedy 
With such power of seduction 

I became a cow boy and travelled far 
Only to find out, paradise is sat between 
Genesis and odyssey, threading the needles eye  

I missed my stop, stop driver, oh how so blind can one be 
To lack the sense of direction, redundant maps 
To be made prodigal, void of navigation

The birds and dolphins, penguins 
Follow such routes, made absent to man
But then one can be excused

My glasses I wear sits on my noise
To support my failing sight, some times 
The inside looks more dirty a' murky than it is worth

I am long sighted, 
So by default, by far I see from a distance or is it nearer 
My vision 20-20 sends conflicting ideologies

Each to its own, 
Owing to be a master of me and I of life
I am worth more, I demand more

And for more in obstacles I find to deal with
 Cliché of Rome, the London bridge stands 
It wasn't built in a day, the Eiffel tower 

And this is to be bigger than Rome
So saddle up cow boy, two stops away from destination 
Attempts at threading needles, bonzia, bingo 

Lets go for the, Good Life 
The Gold rush, treasures 
The wins on poker tables, light flash  

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  1. Hi Kodjo,

    I actually get amazed that my art inspires any poetry. Thank you so much for using it.

    While I was reading your poem, I kept thinking about someone traveling to Las Vegas to try and strike it rich. So many people have placed all their hopes and dreams on winning when they finally get there. It would be so wonderful if everyone could leave with a treasure. Some do, most don't.

    Thanks for playing in this weeks TT, it was a wonderful Treasure poem.

    God bless.

  2. I like the play on words, the play on play. Happy TT. -J

  3. i think the inspiration to go for it is huge...and in that you will find treasure as we pursue our dreams...

  4. Bankers have a lot to be ashamed off. Gold rush included!

  5. Very well written! Hope you find your treasure!


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