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Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Favourite Spot

photo: Christine Donnier-Valentin
A chair, a sofa, a place to rest  
A place to rest, from voyage path 
A place, I like, I call my spot, my comfy rest    

A place before the tv set  
A place I sit, to overlook my abode 
A place sat, in a place called home  

Home sat in, home to be, on a sofa 
A place to cuddle, to hold, to love 
A place to share, a story I know 

Now who went a' called out the removal van
She packed my sofa, without my knowledge  
A' placed it under a bridge, on voyage's path 

She called it art, contemporary and modern   
A place where I sit, my place I love 
A place where I sit, to rest my mind 

Put it back! my favourite spot 
Damn you, put it back, no not at the Tate  
Back I say, to my favourite spot 
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  1. Hell hath no fury like a sofa humiliated... :-)

  2. Interesting poem! I like how you mix together the present/future/past, e.g., "a place I sit...a place sat" and the kind of unconventional placement of commas (instead of dashes, maybe? the effect is that I get more of a sense of your breath with the commas). Then there's these really specific references to Tracey Emin and the Tate -- the latter, I understand, while the former gives the poem a really personal feeling all of a sudden, whereas the rest of it had been more universal/general.

  3. I think our views on Tracy E may coincide!

  4. art is all around us, well, some call it art

  5. This does it for me. Inspired and inspiring. Would have been, even without Tracey Emin and the Tate, but with them... wow!

  6. This poem is a work of art Kodjo, Tracy Emin - read it and weep! Truly brilliant!

    Anna :o]

  7. i like how you make this seem like modern art


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