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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Prison Block

Being attached to umbilical cords  
Like cobwebs claim of unused boots 
Nettle nestled, wrapped up in silk  

At a stage pass the tress-hold of deliverance 
Chop chop, to be free of  chop
Being freed from attachments 

Contemplation puts worrying thoughts 
On one's mind "public service" as so claimed 
"What if", conjures up a role for itself "busy body"

Standing at the gate of guards to enforce 
Exit and entry are just as hard to comprehend
A' conditioned habits, fight a good fight to stay "conditioned" 

Like the coral reefs claim of sunken old ships   
If not then Black Beard's chest of treasures 
Would have freely floated, for the first passer by to own 

And that would have been centuries ago 
Long before metal detectors 
Long before sonar radar  

Time is precious, the watch marker swears to that effect 
If he says, then it is, it must be thinkering
For he holds the key to wind its tock, clock

And rabbits know to chase carrots 
Leaving sticks behind for dogs to play fetch with 
Chasing sticks over bones, conditioned with old habits 

They say you can't teach an old dog a new trick 
So he is stack chasing his tail in circles
Being attached, like an umbilical cord 

But in the same house of cards 
The cat moves with ease, regardless
A' to a point  holds more respect

A' mystery for being just that regardless
As one with less of a boundary "prison blocks" on constraint 
A cat, with its own mind do make  at any rate,  free

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  1. nice...love the play at the end with the rabbits and dogs and what sets the cat apart...nice write...

    1. hey man...hope you are well..obviously been here before...saw you were doing NaPo...hope your 30 days go well...

  2. Your poem has many striking images, the first stanza alone with its delicate traps of nettles and cobwebs and umbilical cords makes for good reading several times over. I enjoyed mulling the Black Beard's chest lines too, the way that you had folded time as though the coral instantly bogged the chest down.

  3. A great write and the thoughts that tie it all is immensely powerful.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  4. Nice write...I love the play at the end ....

  5. you've expressed the mind cages we build continuously so perfectly!

  6. What if conjures up a role for itself...LOVE this line in particular, but the piece in its entirety lends itself to much thought...a hard one to detach from ;) Fantastic write.

  7. what we're attached to...the circles we move at times and under which circumstances we can break free..great metaphors in this..

  8. Didactic and employs so many vivid symbols..nice read

  9. Didactic and packed with symbolism..nice read


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