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Monday, 14 November 2011

Endings Of A Book

What do you do, after reading a book 
After the suspense, of who done it 
The twist and turns, the favourite characters 

The ones so hated, the ones so loved 
The ones so hated, one came to love  
Those that carry the sympathy vote, " so unlucky, poor soul"

Sat in a room, of solitary accompany  
In a crowd, on fields, on different settings 
But none so strong, with enough vigour of sway 

To destruct attention, caught in a trance  
Into another world, like that of Alice  
Others wonder, with fascination of such dedication 

Then to the last word read, of ending sentence 
What do you do, after completing a journey
Just when the last wax, illuminates to its end  

Some characters stay on memory, encrusted 
While others dissipate, like ghost's shadows  
Never to be thought of, ever again  

Then one opens, closed views again 
To be aware of one's surrounding, again  
To pick and choose, what straw to pull from 

What do you do next 
After the last word of sentence 
After the last cover gives way, to life in chapters 

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  1. Yes, some books I love so much, I hate it when they end......others I gobble unthinkingly and, you are right, never think of again. Well done......great topic!

  2. Some characters stay on memory, encrusted
    While others dissipate, like ghost's shadows
    Never to be thought of, ever again


  3. Wow, I love your imagery and how you guided us through this tale~ I really loved it!

  4. there's always what's next isn't there? That is what I thought about after reading this...we live life in moments, they tend not to be everlasting sadly enough while, like reading a book, we should enjoy it then, there, to the fullest, cause when it's gone, we won't remember everything, just a bit of everything :)
    happy gooseberry day!!!

  5. Love this poem. I have read a lot of books and it's so sad when a good one has ended ... I hate that moment, sometimes I try to put such a book away, because I don't want to read in one time, but I have never succeeded in that. I had to read it ... and feel the sadness when it's ended.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem.

  6. Yes! I so know these feelings, an excellent book will evoke this. Perfectly penned Kodjo.

  7. Why, I pick up another book and get busy! :o) Thank you for a fun and thought-provoking read. Here's my offering this week: http://caridwen.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/drafting-personal-census/


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