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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Beach Calls

This is why I have to get to the beach 
Sand between my toes on a sunny day 
Sea washed stones, sea shells, sea weed grappling     

Sea breeze embracing my skin to freshen my face 
Little crabs digging out the sand for treasures lost 
Gently, gently the waves comes in and out on applause 

And a thousand angels sing with the waves like church choir  
Each time, each time it comes in to shore from voyage 
To calm my soul, such soothing feeling, therapeutic  

This is why I have to get to the beach 
This is why I have to get to the beach 
Oh, this is why I have to get to the beach 


  1. It does sound like a church choir...lovely write...

  2. Ah! I know that feeling.

  3. A nice reason to go to the beach..

  4. Yes, the tranquil repetition of the waves is surely the ultimate calming therapy!

  5. you and me both! I miss the beach so much! But I still visit it during the winter in NH. It is cold but so beautiful

  6. I can hear the waves licking the shore in your final stanza - lovely.

    Anna :o]

  7. oh yes, this is why we have a place at the beach


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