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Saturday, 17 March 2012

What is poetry to a poet

I hang on a cliff  edge wanting to let go 
And holding firm to draw so tight, my life 
I would not let go of grip to fall 

I yearn to unload these thoughts 
They sit with burst on my mind 
Begging to come out and be heard 

Read, noted, examined, re-examined 
And be understood in context by so few 
The rest just blaspheme, leave them out  

Though in the same light, lone candles, shadows of day 
I fear what would manifest out on paper like scripture 
When I open these taps of my mind to draw fluid thoughts

What is poetry to a poet I ponder 
An open book, abstract dairy of  the very private 
Or creativity with words from the subconscious  

Half the time I am at a loss to know 
Half the time I wonder if writings hold any meaning 
What is poetry to a poet, yet each time I write, I write    


  1. I'm sure yours are the three answers. Good one to tackle.

  2. a good questions, indeed. I suppose as many poets as many views on this. For me, I know, it's the uncounscious working while I'm conscious. I really doubt I write my poems "intentionally". In fact, it is very often that I start writing with a certain idea in mind and the result is far from it. Your poem is wonderfully-written and the images are excellent. I enjoyed it very much!
    Best, M.


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