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Monday, 19 March 2012

What is your value

Rarity, holds novelty for high value 
For at the source, where made 
Abundance of mineral and the like 

As with the mines and the like 
One can not expect the highest price 
For the sale of his golden egg and the like

When all others come around with similar
In hand, bearing the same, in hand 
Come on now,  with armature, what do you expect 

And the most descent of men 
And the most loved of women 
Would be a fool to pay over the odds, for ordinary 

Astute sense, sits at the prowess of seats 
Where value added, diligent is composite 
To price, to be expected and the like

And the like, saying that distance adds value 
Uniqueness with craft, adds value 
Or just sat firm on stock  speculating 

However  for commerce at its best and all others 
Know the buyer is almost always with conditions 
Forget the faces of the middle men, with luring smiles 

Stood but a distance away from price premium 
Expecting craft and craftsmanship as add-ons
With value, to make a buck, or win you over 

One can not expect the Queen 
To wear an uncut diamond, what of nurture to cherish
After all novelty has it's own value to have 


  1. Very interesting piece here...has me in deep thought..makes me question the facade of value as worth is in heart is priceless

  2. Well, I liked it..in spite of the fact that I often find your poems a bit difficult.. and that's why my reluctance to comment.. but I break the ice diligently to nurture a good relationship..will it be OK because I am an amateur poet.. RS:)

  3. interesting views.. i enjoyed this !

  4. This poem makes me think. Seller beware - whatever the product? Money is seductive. Question the worth of things? question our own worth? Food for thought indeed.

  5. yes the value of the heart is priceless

  6. Yeah, nicely, loved the bottom line!


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