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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Laughing Therapy

A baffle(d) encounter with Buddha 
The laughing therapist 
What did this cat, hear so funny,  I missed 

The joke is on me, the joke is on me 
I walked by a park in the middle of spring 
With birds in trees, sat in nests, happily singing 

I came across a group of elegant middle-class homo-sapiens 
On their backs, a belly full of laughter 
Laughing out loud; jokes, jokes, I like a good joke  

What was the joke, I asked with excitement 
No joke, was the reply "this is a laughing therapy
Fair enough I said, again I asked what was the joke 

Lets hear it out, I like a good laugh 
I am all for a good laugh, just give me the punch line 
"No joke my fellow homo sapien, just a laugh"

Just a laugh? "its just a laugh" negate a joke 
I wondered, have I slept and missed 
The great evolution of man, was the joke on me 

For I can not, laugh, without hearing something funny 
I can not laugh without seeing something funny 
Come on what is the joke, I like a good joke, a tickle would do 

Modern day hysteria, how could I have missed such leap 
Such great evolution and be left standing over a bunch 
Of homo-sapiens, with yoga mats, on the park laughing 

Guess the joke is on me, the joke is on me 
"No joke", the joke is on me, now that's a punch line 
I could hear the birds  a belly full of chatter, jokers with laughter 

The joke is on me   
Well, wait until the cat gets you, birdy, birdy
Then I would have my laughing therapy 

Also shared with http://www.threewordwednesday.com/ 


  1. Love the laughing cat, not so sure about the sour puss though!

    Clever verse!

  2. interesting take on the jokes on you.

  3. I like the way you wend through the tale, always doubling back to the theme.

  4. Laughing soothes the soul.

  5. I like how you mess with the concept of the joke. Very clever.


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