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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sleep, Dreams and Visions

Spins and shadows in my sleep 
I see through visions in my dream 
Visualized  images moving close  

In the forest, loud of lone darkness 
In the woods where birds sing mute 
In the trees of blurred visions 

In a place where my screams are held silent 
In a place where my hands a' legs are tied down 
In a place, in a world of  sensation bizarre 

In shadows, I see in the distance approaching  
In characters so familiar, I see with scare 
Spin, spin, spin visions, then suddenly I wake up

Not knowing who or what it was 
And then suddenly I wake up from sleep 
Seeing spins and shadows in my visions of dream 


  1. I love the notion of the forest being loud with darkness...beautiful imagery...

  2. whew - glad that was only a bad dream. Well done!

  3. Hard to discern one's dreams sometimes, especially when we awaken with only a fuzzy rememberance.

  4. I enjoy the way you interpret Tess' images ...

  5. I enjoyed the way your dream blurred into reality, where it was difficult to know if you were asleep or awake. Great write, Kodjo. =D

  6. The repetition of spins and shadows at beginning and end is a powerful device. Also appreciate the mood you transfer throughout.

  7. Nice interpretation of the prompt.


  8. I really like where you went with this...nicely done

  9. The first line is a popper. I was held.


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