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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The best is

The best is yet to be 
The sun is yet to shine 
Spring is yet to blossom  

Teasers and trailers 
With brief introduction  
The best is yet to come, 

Hold on to your seat  
For the prequel to the sequel, 
In such exciting meets   

A single daffodil 
Is nice to look at, bless 
The best is yet to come 

But have you seen 
A park full, 
With bonanza 

Spread as far 
As the eye can see, 
The best is yet to come 

If fun and joy, 
Happiness is what you came for 
The best is yet to come 

If you believe in life 
As a magic of encounters 
Get yourself ready then, 

For the best is yet to come 
The best is yet to come 
The best is yet to come

Salty poop-corns 
Or that sugar coated 
The best is yet to come 

A seat at the front, 
Middle or well, well at the back
The best is yet to come 


  1. A spectacular imagery of 'the best yet to come'...

  2. If fun and joy, happiness is what you came after
    If you believe in life as a magic of encounters
    Get yourself ready then, for the best is yet to come

    Love these!! So hopeful and happy!

  3. I love this! I, too, believe that life is filled with magic encounters! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That first stanza is really lovely!

  5. That's a refreshing way to look at life. Thank you!


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