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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Catching ego off guard

In every relationship, friends or otherwise 
Wise in saying, there comes a time, a low point 
We rather, forget about, on memory loss  

"Now, now, don't go digging up old wounds"
When lovers and partners  
Bid for the throat of the other, in fair war 

I would double my price on bid 
Just to have her neck, his neck, sat on a plater, 
To show victory to the world, I am victorious  

"God how did I end up with him
   God how did I end up with her"

And on and on, with the battle of the sexes and friendship 
With ego, sat at the front seat, eating cinema pop corns 
Drinking diluted coke, with false stickers saying diet 

Then out of the blue a friend, comes and shares
His/her problems with one, "a problem shared"
Oh, a problem shared to lesson the weight 

At a point where rational becomes your judgement call 
Giving you a step back to analyse without
Any chip on the table, to lose grounds 

Inevitably dear Deidre, looks in one's own mirror 
Putting things in context in comparison 
Catching ego off guard, to see the con of ego 

Who sat and watched a pirated movie 
Yet swears on demand, a refund is owed 
For poor quality on screens, me and my ego 

Who did you think you were fooling 
Egotistically, it's just me and my ego 
Stubbornly taking stands, me and my ego   

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