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Friday, 2 March 2012

Postal Deliveries

Between the shop and the post man 
Who would fall first on my sword of discontent 
Who was it that pulled the shortest straw 

Now you tell me this, before I swing my sling 
Is satisfactory a term to mean, in meaning 
Standard to be expected in customer service? 

Why then make a whole panto about, excellence 
And jargons that holds no ground, to poster on spin 
Which would only amount to my let down 

Call a spade a spade and paint a picture like for like 
And the rest of the world would sleep more peacefully 
Just for having a sure sense of expectation 

I was told it will come at a time 
So specific they gave me, at a time 
Around a time, between morning to midday 

That means, everything else at a time, was to 
Be put on hold, sit at home and wait at a time  
Tapping my foot, twitching my fingers, eyeing the minutes 

As time neared the midday deadline, I twitched some more 
Then it passed, with no knock heard on my door, at time passed 
Let me give him, a few more minutes, patience to my tort  

Then that passed, straight into an hour after 
Then that passed, frustration sat boiling at the roof top
With no delivery at my door, at a time, in time given 

Between the shop and the post man and calls I made 
Who will fall first on my sword of discontent 
The dog at least knows what to do, when t' post man comes 

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