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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Seasons, seasons

A moment in time: seasons, what time in the day 
Does flowers blossom, sprang  
In spring to say I have come of age  
And my time is now, this is my moment  

I would be the brightest sparkle 
So soft on the eye and scented 
With aroma that drives birds 
And bees, butterflies and ladybirds  

To my nectar, I will be the essence 
Of romance and the cherry 
Of every celebrated occasion 
Blowing candles on cake  

I will mark laughter
I will mark joy
I will mark sorrow, for love lost 
I will mark remembrance, for dearly days 
A touch on petals, oh a touch to have on petals  
Will announce how delicate my heart is
Sensitive and in need of care 
And I will be ushered such care.  

Moments; what time in the day
Does a flower wither and fade
Is it announced with notice and count down
Is there a bell ring, on the hour to say

That, that time is here, that time is now.  
Does the sun find shade behind the moon 
To shadow its spots  light
As a sign of respect, at curtains call; moments 


  1. I like the part about "Does the sun find shade", I have seriously never thought about the sun finding any shade, although if I was to ever go to the sun I think I would want lots of shade. I also have never really thought much about when a flower dies. It just seems like once it has been cut off the plant that it is slowly dying from that point on.

    I like how you make me think about these things.

    Happy Theme Thursday, thanks for sharing this poem with us.

    God bless.


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