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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Just being honest

I am far, far from perfect 
I shiver in my sleepless night 
My thoughts hold weights, trembling fear 

Heavier than my neck can withstand 
They rage, rage, rage, internal bleed 
Knocking dents in my skull 

I panic and fear what the future holds 
Failure plays, replay on projected walls 
Nightmarish images being portrayed  

While I am tied to seats to watch 
Vivid from start to finish, sweat buckets 
And heart beats, I hate horror movies 

Vertigo loves to watch me like a bully 
On play grounds. I am forgetful of names 
Words and spelling too, sometimes  

All that aside, my faith holds greatness, destined 
With my name inscribed on the machinery beneath
I am human, far, far, far from perfect 

How different are you from me, malfunctions  
In reflection mirrors, portrayed, adjustments 
When being honest, just being honest, to  fix, to fix 


  1. I enjoyed this and parts reminded me of Clockwork Orange, a favorite movie of mine.

  2. wow this is weird..i thought of clockwork orange too when i read this!!.i think it is the 'tied to the seats to watch' boy that scene will stay with me for ever.....even so i really enjoyed your take on the prompt..x

  3. And so did I! Also because of the being tied to seats to watch line.


  4. I really enjoyed this.
    I love how you moved through experience and self-depreciation. Writing it all out like this can be cathartic.

  5. Nice...I especially like the last stanza...and yes! Clockwork Orange!

  6. Hate to be obvious but I too thought Clockwork Orange.

  7. Nice post. You might like this post about being "far from perfect". http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/im-worth-it.html


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