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Friday, 30 March 2012

Rolling Stone

Life is a rolling stone, in motion pictures 
Emotions harsh-tag, on attention seeking  

Time capsules with memory banks  
Milestone stages to gate crush, with ambition   

Decades as cue for change in characters played  
To out grow and be embarrassed about skeletons in closet 

Love and friendship is a complicated spanner of infatuation   
And need, thrown right in, in the way of  rolling stones   

Loneliness is a disease we try to avoid, best to avoid 
But sometimes we rather for piece of mind 

Yet as luck will have it, and humanity is conditioned  
Loneliness, seriously is a diseases best avoided 

We laugh, we cry, humour we call Irony and then rose cottages 
We are all tasked to live a life, rolling on, until we hit a stop 

Did I miss anything, anything to ponder 
Oh well, just rolling on by, as a rolling stone 

1 comment:

  1. Isn't strange and wonderful how we manage to roll along in our lives despite hardship--you poem reminded me of that


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