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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Weighted average

Could you be loved and be loved as a fixture   
Don't let them fool you with doubt  
Worst, don't fool yourself, without test  

No season relevant to weather the fields 
No sound louder than the one of thunder  
And to stand firm on wobbly grounds 

Hold form of faith when most tested 
Knowing this is the prime of seasons  
The test of resolve to honor a belief 

After this day, truly a case would have been made 
Never with doubt, to have a clause to contest 
No supreme court to have a final hearing 

Admiration of a hero, vetted with rigor  
To have served time, behind discomfort lines 
Held hostage of dreams, everything to lose

Ransom demanded, is full in fulfillment 
No compromise on trill, no shortcuts and favors 
Tailored jigsaw puzzle piece, with perfection to fit 

Could you be loved as a fixture, for the course you stood for
The sacrifice you made, for your name, for your sweat 
Or just for the glory you bring, and be loved 

Sculpture by : Mitchell House 


  1. Great poem, makes one think about how much we are loved. I think we would all love to be a fixture to our family but maybe not so sure that I am. Oh well such is life.

    Happy Theme Thursday and thanks so much for playing. Much appreciated, see you next week.

    God bless.

  2. Wonderfully strong poem about, well, standing firm. Beautiful!

    Happy Theme Thursday!


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