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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Catching a wave

I am sat on the shoulders of the deep blue 
Watching over the horizon with life, my companion 
To see the curvature contour of the earth 

I am sat on a surfer’s board 
Dangling my legs to uninvited prey 
Paddling away into the deep blue, a surfers paradise  

Seeking the adrenalin filled waves 
Promised on Hawaii, surfer's beach stand  
I have seen many a men, glide ride on this blue 

Like dolphins on energy drink, catching on a wave  
Cutting through the very blue, like gods 
Defying gravity at angles with bizarre stands 

But every surfer would tell you with sincerity 
The hardest part sat in the deep blue, is waiting on waves 
For why else would a man paddle this far out, into the blue 


  1. Quite a sense of the infinite sea, and the solitude it brings.

  2. I hope that uninvited prey does not find, that would worry my rhyming behind. Nice verse!

  3. Lovely. I particularly like the line: 'like dolphins on energy drink catching on a wave.' This captures so well the adrenaline and fish like abilities needed to surf well. Bravo!

  4. I love surfing and wish I'd found time to learn and do it when younger. The life style itself is appealing but the ecstasy of riding those huge waves must be so huge you'd have to put a ton of lead in my pockets to come down from the high. Your poem captures that free spirit that I akways associate with surfers.

  5. why else...smiles...the waiting is always the hardest...and holding out hope too that the one will come that will take you where you want to go...

  6. the right time...well said!


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