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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Story story told

Stories, stories told 
How easy it could be in stories told 
To turn the white swan, black in stories told 

Faith is faithless, without me faithful
Without you trusting, I promise 
That I am faithful, I have been faithful 

And if you are to hear so
And so is said, by so,  with so interest 
And I am to say so, different in view point 

Which of the hear so, say so 
Would you be, saying so
That is the hear so, that you believe in 

The rest of the story, as the saying, saying goes   
Would just be whispers, heard of, sort of 
Dispersed through the grapevine, learnt of 

How to keep the white swan, faith is faithful 
A' the heart of romance from turning black 
Hear so, oh, in stories, stories told  


  1. Interesting repetitions! Not sure I get it all but I like the cadence!

  2. Right, it doesn't exist unless it is kept alive. In a sense, everything white starts to tarnish after birth.

    In a story anything can turn, especially if it is recited over time.

    I haven't seen the White Swan or Swan Lake but, delightfully, I've read a bit of Giselle.


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