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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ideas of the chef and dead brain

An unused idea is like a fridge 
Full of food ingredients, meat and stuff  
Where is the chef, where is the chef” 
Fermented with mould even in chill, like cheese 

A cupboard full of spices, spices cabinet 
Have you seen the chef” 
That lives to see their expiry date 
Still sat in avenues occupying space 

With novelty value, like white elephants 
On a grand stand to be polished 
In corridors of  Buckingham with banquet” 
While logs sit on forest floors 

Which gives failure a better stand 
In the stakes of  greatness podium 
For failure was a step closer 
I just burnt the steak, where is the chef” 

And where breath is still with life 
It serves as an opportunity 
To forge ahead with lessons learnt 
Was it rare, medium rare or well done

An unused idea, might as well
Lie in coffins to be buried or cremated 
Like a dead brain and it's host 
Come now, last orders out” 

NB: Read the two poems separately after to get the idea 


  1. Cool poem....and I did go back and read them separately. This is a very clever piece of writing!

  2. Once again, you have amazed me with one of your poems. I love the way you write.

  3. I love the way you write, it's always so interesting and fresh!

    This one's delightful, I'm chuckling as I type!
    (the corridors of Buckinham with banquet)
    What a hoot!

    Great poem!

    Just semantics - the last stanza, something with the 'idea' and 'coffins'?

  4. What a hoot!
    This was great to read, I'm chuckling as I write!
    (in corridors of buckingham with banquet) - ha, glorious!

    Just semantics - something in with 'idea' and 'coffins'?

  5. I enjoy your extended metaphor here! Well done, yes, I said "well-done," not rare!! ;)


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