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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The parallel universe

I have a shadow that walks beside me in mirror's reflection close 
It springs to mind, ideologies of questions, aptitude  
of thought, intriguing of concepts, "what of the other world"  

Parallel universe springs up notions 
Something scentific worlds away 
In a distant land, possibly out of space, in space 

In  another universe, another milky-way 
And far beyond, in a storyville 
Once upon a time, in a distance land 

Or maybe ghost and life after death 
Occupying shadows of wall corners 
Whispering cold in areas, static energy being read 

But close to the chap, down the road 
Looking on, as another holds to court 
Pleasantry with affluence, oh boy 

The concept of the parallel universe 
Like heaven and hell, as so often 
Debated, heard on the grapevine 

Is right here on earth, the haves, haves 
And the have not, street lights and post codes  
Shadows on the other side  


  1. i like the through of a parallel earth and entertained it once...boy that was some convo that night...maybe there the world is turned just a bit different...

  2. Never thought of it like that, but very true you don't have to go to another earth to find it, it is right here, nicely done bringing that about.

  3. Fascinating subject, quantum physics, but you've brought it down to earth. The photo at the bottom says so much.

  4. A complex incursion into philosophical commentary, garbed in poetic discourse.

  5. You have taken the wonderment to a top level here! Brilliant piece, I really enjoyed the thoughts and surrealness this took me through :)

  6. Oh, I love the programs @ this topic. You've captured well the "what if," and "if it were," on this, Kodjo!


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